Getting Started with RunningMate

You’ve joined RunningMate - that’s great! Now what? 

After your organization has decided to join the platform, signed the user agreements, and submitted your payment information, you will receive an email inviting you to finish creating your RunningMate account. 

The subject line will say “Welcome to RunningMate!” and will contain a message like the one in the screenshot below. 

If there are other users in your organization who should have received an invitation to join and did not, please reach out to

Click the Complete Registration link to create your password and finish the account setup. Your district will be shown when you log in. 

If you have any questions or run into any issues when setting up your account, reach out to the Civitech client success team member who onboarded your team or email 

Watch a walkthrough video here, or keep scrolling to continue reading.

After logging in, users will be able to view their assigned district.

The center Target Summary shows the overview of your District. The map itself is interactive: users can click precincts to isolate them or zoom into the map all the way to the household level. Use the filter panel on the left to filter and narrow down your target populations, then download the lists and perform outreach. Import the data and use Goal Tracker to set goals, then view your progress-towards-goal at the district or precinct level. 

Users assigned multiple districts can select the others using the dropdown arrow at the top left of the screen. 

Use the Filter Panel to narrow your target audience. 

Users have the option to use Civitech’s pre-set Base, Turnout, Persuasion, and Registration filter settings, or to mix and match according to the needs of their district. Filter by precinct, actual voting history, or modeled partisanship and turnout. Use demographic filters to help tailor your campaign’s messaging plan across the district. 

If the user has already imported data with support scores or custom tags, use the filter panel to create lists of these targets for further outreach. 

Use the Download Tool to download the list you’ve created. 

  • Download Voter File: Use that CSV to view the voter file and current support scores,
  • Download File for Outreach: Update support scores in the new_support_score column, or add custom data tags using the new_tag columns. 

Import your data back into RunningMate using the Data Management tool. 

For more information on importing your data into the tool, visit the Importing Your Support Scores and Data Tags help article. 

Use Goal Tracker to calculate your win number, set campaign goals, and view your progress-to-goal at the district or precinct level.

For detailed instructions on using Goal Tracker, visit the Using Goal Tracker in RunningMate help article. 

Have questions? 

Click the ? in the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking that allows users to view and search for help articles related to the issue they’re having. If users still cannot find an answer, click Ask. That will open a form that will allow users to send questions to the Civitech Client Success team. The answer will be sent via email.

For more information, view the following help articles:

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